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Now Taking Applications For Elder Care Residents Wishing To Reside At Our New Sugarbush House #5.   Please Contact Us For More Info On Availability.
   Where would you want to live if you needed daily assistance?  In your home, of course.  The Sugarbush Houses aim to be that home for six lucky full-time assisted living residents, offering skilled care in a respectful, self-sustaining community.  On our beautiful modern 5 acre property in the gorgeous, up-scale Western Hills area of Flint Township, The Sugarbush Houses brings together innovative and alternative visions of the potential in our elderly family members' latest years. We have established a new kind of Elder Care model based on the idea that the elderly are fully-realized persons with ideas, thoughts and experiences that matter.
At The Sugarbush Houses, we promote the dignity and self-worth of all our residents and strive to give them excellent quality of life, as defined by the residents, individually and as a group. 
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What makes The Sugarbush Houses unique?

At The Sugarbush Houses we see a different way of assisting our elderly members through a new stage in their lives.  Acknowledging that where they live is their home. We have established a facility that meets their needs and nourishes their social connections, individual dignity and personal preferences.  All of the bedrooms are extremely large some are to be shared.  Each bedroom has its own bathroom with colorful tile and amenities. Comfortable chairs for sitting are available around the house.  Common areas include an extremely large living room with floor to ceiling windows with a view of the blooming apple orchard. A ceiling-mounted projector T.V. can show their favorite movies.  There is a central courtyard located in the middle of the home for even more natural light. 

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The open and airy dining room is located between the sunny courtyard and massive living room with an expansive wooden table for communal dining.  In addition, there is a cozy family room off the professional kitchen. For those needing assistance with their hair grooming needs, there is a salon located in the home with a salon sink, portable dressing chair, and portable hair dryer for residents' comfort.  Our residents are welcome to have visitors between 7:00AM and 11:00PM. And plan outings whenever and where ever they choose.  In return we expect our residents to keep us informed of their health, their concerns, their enthusiasms and their whereabouts; so that we can best assist them.

Far more devastating than physical illness to our elders is lack of purpose.  Studies have shown over and over that seniors who engaged in activities they find meaningful are far more likely to maintain mental acuity, physical health and emotional well-being.  Although the hospital model attempts to provide such stimulation, such activities are organized by staff with little input from patients and can become one more set of required tasks for all involved.  At The Sugarbush Houses we work with residents to identify areas of interest and methods of community involvement that will interest them.

Our residents may expect respectful and caring assistance as they go about the daily activities of their choice - not those of an Activities Director or Staff.  The Elder Assistants, in addition to providing personal care, will also do their laundry, cook all meals and clean.  Residents may expect that their home is just that - their own home, shared in community with other residents, who come together to socialize, air grievances, plan activities and share their knowledge and wisdom with each other and all who choose to visit them.


Residents'/Patients' Needs

Our own experience is that people seeking assisted living care have many of the same needs:

- To be treated with respect and dignity.

- To be actively engaged in a community of some kind.

- To be involved in his/her own treatment and living plan.

- To be cared for by skilled, medically-knowledgeable caregivers, working as a team.

You may notice that our list of "needs" seems to go in the opposite order to that of most hospital-model nursing homes; this is not an accident.  Unfortunately most of our elderly population who need care are treated with the billing system's needs and not their own in mind.

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Family Needs

Similarly the families of people seeking caring environments have their own set of needs they are seeking to fulfill:

- Peace of mind about their loved-ones physical and mental state.

- Relief from the time-consuming job of caring for their family members themselves.

- Relief from the feelings of guilt which often overcome them when they find they do not have the physical, emotional, or intellectual resources to personally provide appropriate care for those they love.

At The Sugarbush Houses we seek to reassure families in everything we do that the choice to let us take care of their family member is a loving, kind and generous act.

We offer assisted living services at an inclusive price.  Services include, dressing, bathing, medication monitoring, laundry service, room cleaning, three meals, snacks and beverages, plus much more.

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