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SugarBush Houses
Sugarbush House #1
5631 Sugarbush Lane
Flint,  Michigan 48532
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Sugarbush House # 3
1152 Woodkrest Drive
Flint,  Michigan 48532
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Sugarbush House #4
G-4226 Beecher Road
Flint,  Michigan 48532
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Sugarbush House #5
5427 Calkins Rd
Flint,  Michigan 48532
(810) 496-0002
"Finally Affordable Quality Assisted Living"
Making the decision to move your loved one into a senior housing community can be challenging and confusing, wrought with intense emotions.  Then, couple those feelings with the complex, exhausting search to find the best facility for your unique living situation and you can feel overwhelmed, guilty and defeated. There are many things to consider, including your loved one’s physical, social and health needs.  A common first step in making the decision less overwhelming is to narrow down your options.
Nestled in the elite subdivision of Western Hills, The Sugarbush House and Sugarbush Manor are adult foster care homes licensed with the state of Michigan for people who are no longer safe living at home alone due to their age, physical, or mental (dementia) disabilities.  “They can live in a comfortable, home-like environment with round the clock care and supervision.”
One can almost feel the relief of families as they enter one of the Sugarbush residences and exhale their stress when they realize that a place like the one they’d been hoping for is real and available.  A stay at Sugarbush means a warm welcome to a safe, caring and comfortable place for one of their family members to stay and thrive.

Residents'/Patients' Needs

Our own experience is that people seeking assisted living care have many of the same needs:

- To be treated with respect and dignity.

- To be actively engaged in a community of some kind.

- To be involved in his/her own treatment and living plan.

- To be cared for by skilled, medically-knowledgeable caregivers, working as a team.

You may notice that our list of "needs" seems to go in the opposite order to that of most hospital-model nursing homes; this is not an accident.  Unfortunately most of our elderly population who need care are treated with the billing system's needs and not their own in mind.

Family Needs

Similarly the families of people seeking caring environments have their own set of needs they are seeking to fulfill:

- Peace of mind about their loved-ones physical and mental state.

- Relief from the time-consuming job of caring for their family members themselves.

- Relief from the feelings of guilt which often overcome them when they find they do not have the physical, emotional, or intellectual resources to personally provide appropriate care for those they love.

At The Sugarbush Houses we seek to reassure families in everything we do that the choice to let us take care of their family member is a loving, kind and generous act.

We offer assisted living services at an inclusive price.  Services include, dressing, bathing, medication monitoring, laundry service, room cleaning, three meals, snacks and beverages, plus much more.


SugarBush Manor